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There are many places to find good information about dog trailers for small dogs. The Internet is a great source of this type of information. A search for dog trailers for small dogs will bring up a wealth of information and the same can be said of books, magazines, local riding associations, and organizations, and pet-supply stores. Also check with your veterinarian.

Dog trailers are available in almost every size you can imagine. This is a good thing, because some owners will need a small dog bike trailer while others will need a larger dog bike trailer, and neither will be inconvenienced by the other.

But what size should you get, a dog trailer for a large dog or a dog trailer for a medium sized dog? A long time ago, I had the same question. I was not sure how to get the right size of bike trailer for my dog.

The last thing I wanted was to buy something that would not serve my dog’s needs. I wanted to make sure I got the right size.

I found out by searching for information on dog trailers for small dogs that I could not really get a good size without looking at several dog trailers. You just do not know exactly how big your dog is.

A lot of pet stores do not carry anything over one-year-old. So you could easily get a smaller sized dog bike trailer than what you need if you buy something over one year old.

Another important thing you need to know is how much the pet store will charge for a larger size. In most cases the pet store will ask you for a prescription to help determine whether they should give you the larger size or a smaller one.

Hopefully this information has been helpful for you to get the right size for your new pet. Dog trailers for small dogs come in many different sizes.