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Norman Ebenstein, Boca Raton Capital’s General Manager, recently made an investment in Vietnam today in Boca Raton International. This investment is in the Ville Hoang city, which is near the North side of the island. Norman and his wife Miriam both have Vietnamese American heritage.

They are very excited about the Prime location they are finding with Boca Raton’s premier real estate developments and markets. The prime location includes the beautiful City of Parrot’s Islands, the widely-known Beachfront area, the Siesta Key Mall, Parrot’s Island Convention Center, the Boca Raton Nightlife and the Boca Raton Business Centre.

Another reason that they are excited is because their Mrsi along with their three children have been enjoying every bit of it. If you are looking for fantastic locations and apartments for your families, you should seriously consider them.

You want to make sure that they have a chance to stay here when they are visiting. What better way than to buy them a real estate property with Boca Raton’s premier real estate investing companies like BRC Properties.

Ronald Ebenstein, a veteran real estate investor, has put together a great team that includes the members of Boca Raton, Capital Commercial Properties – Douglas Ebenstein, Boca Raton Asset Management, Boca Raton Equity Partners, Boca Raton Partners II, Boca Raton Realty Partners and Boca Raton Land Holdings. These are all experts in acquisition of office, retail, residential and commercial properties.

As part of their partnership, Norman and Miriam will be working together in order to invest in the prime locations. They are looking for some property to purchase for their family to enjoy and to live. As a member of Boca Raton’s finest real estate investors, you should not be able to find a better person to work with than these two.

John M. Ebenstein, executive director of the Ebenstein Center for Real Estate, has been a part of several other real estate investments over the years. He understands the impact that an investment can have on a community. He has been a part of many projects in Southeast Florida and the Florida Keys.

To further confirm that his knowledge is at an elite level, he has been a part of the Boca Raton Real Estate Forum, where he was a part of the investment group for several developers. The forum is the largest gathering of real estate investors in the Palm Beach County area.

These are properties that have added value to the real estate market and have been developed. These are properties that are attracting people to those who are looking for a home and are bringing people to those who are seeking a new life. Norman Ebenstein knows the importance of providing quality real estate to people who are looking for that perfect place to call home.

Have you ever considered what it takes to be an investor? Do you know how you can use real estate as an investment tool?

Norman and Miriam were not looking for something to be classified as “investment,” but they are seeking a destination location. With Boca Raton’s premier real estate development projects, this will not be a problem. In fact, it will be a choice.

With the help of Boca Raton Capital, Norman and Miriam are able to join the elite group of those who have succeeded in making a living in real estate investment. They may be relatively young, but they are definitely a part of an elite group that understands the principles behind real estate investment.