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For anyone interested in purchasing a classical guitar, one might want to look at the models of the Kawai K300 and the Kahnning K300. Both have been reviewed by guitar players worldwide and it can be said that both are top of the line. Size and design Unlike many other classical guitar models, the Kawai K300 is smaller than the older Kawai K300 but the size difference is still quite minor, at about 8cm difference in length. This is the same size as most upright guitars.

Features As expected, there are a lot of great features on the new away k300 besides its size. One can easily adjust the action on the treble end of the instrument with the help of a foot pedal. With this function, one can adjust the treble extension to get the exact tone. Another great function is the locking heel bridge which ensures the maximum performance of the instrument. Most upright pianos come with plastic tuning keys that are quite difficult to depress. These new kawai k300 piano models come with electronic tuning keys that are just as easy to use.

kawai k300

Overall, the features on the kawai k300 are just like its bigger siblings. It has the standard round keys and it comes in various colors, namely u1, u2, pink, white, black, and clear. One interesting feature that the newer away k300 piano models come with is the ability for the user to have three different profiles for their keys. For instance, one can set the profile for louder overtones, lighter legato overtones, or for even louder volume, they can set it to a semi-distant over-all tone profile.

The soundboard of the kawai k300 is also just like its bigger siblings. In fact, the soundboard is actually larger than those of the older kayak models. Although it may seem big, it proves to be very handy as it contains all the necessary holes that the strings of the piano need to be plugged through. Plus, there are also extra holes which the instrument’s tone hole plugs through. This is definitely a plus when it comes to transporting the kawai k300 to a showroom.

One other feature that this particular kawai piano has been a solid spruce soundboard. This gives this instrument the capability of producing lovely rich tone for any musical style. The solid spruce soundboard also adds another layer of quality and thickness when played along with a nice acoustic guitar. And because it has a solid spruce soundboard, this instrument can also stand up to some heavy use.

If you are in the market for a new upright piano, then you definitely should consider purchasing a kayak k300. This instrument has the capabilities to produce great tone and it also has a very long key length. When you start playing, you will definitely notice the difference between this model and any others on the market.