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Most people think that they know how to buy art, but the truth is that the art business is a very competitive industry. You will need to have a complete picture of the market trends in order to make the right investments. Here are some tips on how to buy the best quality art from a professional artist:

Examine the portfolios of the professional artists that you admire. Look for work that speaks of true talent and experience. There should be no doubt about who you are dealing with.

how to buy art

The portfolio itself will reveal if the artist has an overall skill level. It will also show if they have been successful in their previous jobs. If there is a difference between the portfolio of one artist and another then this is a clear indication that the artists are two different people. Find out if they are self-taught or have studied under an expert.

Many artists find it easier to make a living through working with commissions rather than the more expensive style of art sales. If the commission is very good then the artist will be tempted to enter the market at a discount price. This is what you want to avoid because the artist may put this money into the investment itself and then find that the market trend has changed.

Always look for an artist with a portfolio that can be trusted. You will be able to tell if the artist has just been getting commissions as opposed to going it alone. A portfolio will allow you to judge the art on its own merits.

Don’t shy away from paying a little extra for an artist’s services if you feel that the quality of the work cannot be guaranteed. Many artists will charge a lot more in order to help them get work if they are not fully established yet. Once the artist is established, they will then be able to charge a fairer price for their work.

Use the Internet to your advantage and browse through the portfolios of artists in your area as well as ones from other countries. This way you can compare prices and request for samples. Also use your local shops to find out more about the artists that you like. The more you know about an artist the better chance you have of making a good investment.

How to buy art is not difficult if you take the time to understand the market, the art industry and the artists. Look at what each artist has done and how they approached the art market. Find a market that you can build a business around and that will give you a steady stream of income for many years to come.