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The first DnD competitive event was a rather big deal in the DnD gaming world. The first DnD Competitive event (or DnD CCE) was a huge hit in 1998, the first DnD CCE tournament held at a gas station in the small town of South Salem, New York. The first DnD CCE tournament offered four tournaments, each with eight players in them. Some pros like to have fun and choose dice metal that can be painted.

Each tournament consisted of a championship match for four players, a first and second-place match, and a third third-place match. Tournament play ran all throughout the month of July and was well-attended, attracting as many as a hundred players. The tournament is still held today, with tournaments on Wednesdays and Fridays, and regular season play lasting through April.

When the first DnD CCE was held, the first player chosen as the champion was Richard Hatfield, creator of the Dungeons and Dragons game, who is still the Champion to this day. Tournament play continued for three years before other DnD manufacturers began to be added to the DnD CCE circuit. Even with the more standard tournament format, DnD CCE continues to be very popular.

While there are more modern, official DnD play events than those held over a decade ago, DnD CCE continues to be a popular way to play. As DnD competitors take on more complicated games, they often set up their own CCE events, where they themselves compete in a real tournament, with the goal of becoming the Champion. The game may be more complicated, but the competition is still extremely intense.

Of course, DnD CCE tournaments continue even after the end of the year. They often begin the next month but may continue for another few months after that. While it is impossible to tell how popular the DnD CCE event will be in the future, at present, DnD CCE events seem to be well-attended.

Many DnD CCE tournaments have some sort of “World Championship” feature, where players compete against other DnD gamers in several games. Players are generally awarded points based on their overall standings at each tournament and are encouraged to compete with or against others in that particular tournament.

As DnD continues to grow, DnD CCE tournaments will continue to gain popularity, and may even become a part of DnD tournaments, where every participant plays in a CCE tournament for a single week, with an aim to win the World Championship that follows the tournament. That would be a huge crowd-pleaser and could put DnD back on the map.