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Pakej Umrah (or Umrah) is a Muslim spiritual journey. It is conducted after Sukkot, which is the festival of sacrifice. The Pilgrimage (or ‘Umrah) is performed to seek God’s forgiveness. The journey has two parts, one in the day and the other in the night. In Pakej Umrah, Muslims travel to a particular area for prayer or religious experience, which the journey is mainly done in camel.

Pakej Umrah Malaysia

On a trip in Malaysia, a traveller is most likely to experience Mr. Shalom Chia, who is described as “the leader of the whole caravan”. He is known to be the only one in the caravan that does not attend any thing else except for praying. He is followed by a group of 20 and speaks to them with an accent.

The habiliments worn on this journey are always funny. The habiliment used on Mr. Shalom Chia is his long beard. Muslims consider long beards to be highly significant for the purpose of prayer. Long beards are also commonly worn during the Hajj and Umrah.

The habiliment used on Mr. Shalom Chia is also one of the funny ones. It is made up of lots of clothes that can be washed together.

This habiliment can be easily washed with Western clothing. The clothes worn on the trip are also considered to be very meaningful. The Muslim clothing used on the journey includes long trousers and shirts.

There are a lot of details that the pilgrim need to follow when they are traveling through the course of their journey with Mr. Shalom Chia. For instance, the pilgrims are told to bring plenty of water to drink and take them as they need them.

When a pilgrim is tired of Mr. Shalom Chia, they should ask a member of the group to ride on his back. They may also ask Mr. Shalom Chia to lead them.

They are also not supposed to stop in between prayers and are always expected to make it to their destination on time. The pilgrim is also not allowed to lie down, but they can use a pillow to sit on while in prayer.

The pilgrims are encouraged to remain happy and also encouraged to go on with their journey. These facts have been written in a unique guide called ‘Umrah Malaysia’.