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Interior design is a serious business, albeit an artistic one, but a serious business at its core: businesses demand service above all else. Customer service is paramount when working with anyone, much less when working with someone who you are going to be entrusting with the interior design of your home or office. When hiring an interior designer from Richmond, Virginia, there are a few things that you should consider carefully. First, what exactly are you hoping to get out of your hire? Is it strictly functionality – do you want only good design, or do you also hope to receive a quality product as well? Or are you simply looking for a place to go when you have a bit of decorating left on your mind and need a place to “justify” the purchases you have in mind?

When deciding whether or not to hire an interior designer from Richmond, Virginia, you should ask yourself a few questions that may help you make up your mind. Questions such as: Does the client have a positive or negative vision of the room or space in question? Does the client specifically say what he/she expects the room or space to look like or do they leave that up to the interior design studio?

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An interior designer’s reputation can impact on your decision to hire them. You can easily find reviews of different designers online. Most interior designers will have client testimonials on their website, which should interest you. The more clients a designer has, the more satisfied their previous clients seem to be. Of course, you should still be wary of reviews on certain designers that seem a little too perfect to be true (i.e., one client says they love their house/office after having only seen a very small portion of it), but most reviews are honest.

Another thing to consider is their design portfolio. Do the clients you speak with show any design portfolio? If so, what type of projects are those? Are the designs something that you want to have for yourself, or do you just want to pay them to design and decorate your space? What price range do you want to pay?

Also, ask yourself what you expect to get out of the interior designer. Would you prefer a completed space that is already furnished (with all hardware included) or would you rather have the designer bring items in that you need to set up? Also, how convenient is it to hire this person versus if you were to hire someone else? Are the hours they work going to match the times when you need them? What is their pay rate compared to others in your area who are similar skill sets?

It is important to remember that most companies say Santos really means “Santos”. This is because that is the main trading hub in the region. Therefore, if a client talks to a company that is based in Santos, that interior designer probably has your best interest at heart. The same goes for clients in Manila or Cebu. Look for a designer who is based close to your home or office to ensure that you’ll be able to visit him or her.

When speaking with potential contractors, don’t feel limited to only discussing homepolish only. Ask them about their design experiences and what types of projects they have completed. From experience, these designers should be able to say whether or not they can complete your project within your desired budget and timeline. Additionally, it is important to mention that homepolish is only one element of the complete design of a room.

Some of the design firms in the Philippines have their own artists and if you talk to them, tell them you are interested in having their input when it comes to your home interior design. Another great tip is to look for a company that hires both interior designers and artisans. Artisans often work side by side with interior designers to come up with the best interior design possible. Lastly, when looking for a service provider, it is always best to hire a service provider who is licensed, insured and bonded.