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President Douglas Ebenstein, owner of Florida based property developer and real estate pin boards, is now considering a new and more diverse set of clientele with a national job posting for a Real Estate Development Coordinator in the Miami area. While this position seems at first glance to be centered on an international location, it also appears to be aimed at a nation-wide search. This change of heart is reflective of both Ebenstein’s and Florida’s own selection of the best people for jobs and based on their needs as a country.

In order to justify the decision, Ebenstein points out that the values of these employers would pay substantially more than the federal minimum wage for full-time employment with such an environment. Furthermore, in Ebenstein’s eyes, higher wages will guarantee better employee performance, improved customer service, enhanced job satisfaction, and lower turnover. With this in mind, they are indeed searching from abroad for international real estate developers, architects, and engineers who can match up to these demanding new standards.

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Douglas Ebenstein, property developer partner is obviously one of the more educated people in this industry; thus, his words were only meant to address the quality of job that would make the company profitable and inspire his employees. He acknowledges that this new change will take some adjustment for the rest of the company but also assures them that once this migration has been taken care of, he will be looking for other open positions at Florida based property developer. Ebenstein, himself, would still like to be a part of the international community with himself as an ambassador.

The job of a coordinator essentially involves having to deal with issues concerning communication, as well as promoting job responsibilities and proper training to all future employees. A combination of training and counseling, information, marketing, and scheduling, if utilized properly, can successfully reduce the risk of new hires falling through the cracks. This will help the Florida based property developer avoid a repeat of the hard time that landed Tampa based developers in court last year.

The staff of the coordinator’s office will still focus on prospects outside of the clientele; however, as more projects are delivered and made ready for release, Ebenstein, and his top staff will be working even harder to create new clientele in the world of commercial real estate. The coordinator will also be spending more time on customer service, which requires making clients feel that they are important to the company, in turn, providing them better results. In this process, proper customer satisfaction will always be an important factor.

Of course, the business will continue to be conducted within the boundaries of the company under professional real estate development; however, eventually, the wider environment will come into play. As such, more of the company’s money is being generated through international development projects, and the team members will have to adapt to it. However, many of them are already fully committed to this due to the benefits that come with being part of this expanding and growing community.

For many of them, what made them decide to move from Tampa to Florida was the presence of this and other similar companies in the market; and as such, they will continue to receive recommendations from their contacts and other consultants who helped to bring them here. And if the most important thing is this chance to really be where the action is, the choice is too good to pass up. The turnover rate for the Florida based property developer is currently not very high, and this will improve when the jobs become available in other parts of the world.