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The City of Charleston (Charleston Parks) is located on the eastern banks of the Ashley river and its history dates back to the seventeenth century. The French brought a lot of their language and culture to this place. At that time Charleston was a small plantation town with only three hundred and fifty families. Life was very hard on the Indians because they made the low wages that the white man could make. Many slaves were taken care of in the plantations but they were treated no better than the white man. All this changed after the Civil War.

Charleston has a long history that is still continuing today. You will find beautiful buildings and monuments that have been built during the Civil War. These historic sites are well known and often they attract visitors who want to learn more about what happened in the past. During the summertime you can take a day trip to the parks in Charleston SC.

things to do in Charleston

Music Hall – This is a large indoor/outdoor music hall that is open all the time. This is a great place to go if you enjoy dancing. On a hot summer day the dance floor can be extremely hot but at night it can feel cooler. On a nice evening you will see a lot of people enjoying this popular activity. The Carolina Beach resorts can also be another great place to visit.

Downtown Charleston SC – If your idea of a vacation is to eat at one of the restaurants in Charleston you will not want to miss out on this city. Here you will find some of the best restaurants in the state. You can find fine dining or family style restaurants. There are some excellent hotels as well as resorts in Charleston SC for those who want to stay at a higher class hotel.

Food Tours – If you are looking for a fun night you should consider trying one of the local food tours. Many of these tours offer a guided tour of the restaurants and cuisine. A variety of food is featured along with educational information about the history of the cuisine and how it is prepared.

Romantic Weekend Getaways – The Charleston area has many different romantic weekend getaways for couples. The beaches are a great place to enjoy a romantic date while taking in the beautiful scenery. Water View Place is a wonderful place where you can have a romantic meal and then go for a cruise at night.

Historic Downtown Charleston SC – This part of town is considered to be a main attraction downtown. Many businesses call this their “gateway to the East Coast.” It features many restaurants and other businesses. Some of the great places to visit include historic downtown Charleston tasting rooms, downtown hotels, The Battery Market, and The Charleston Aquarium & Museum.

These are just a few of the many historical places to see in charleston city SC. Other popular historic places include the Science and Environmental Learning Center, The Carolina Zoo, and the historic Chunchberry farm. The tea plantation is also located in this area. Many people visit this plantation to enjoy the tea they grow on their own farms. Others just enjoy taking in all the natural beauty and history that is found here. As you can see, there are many things to do in Charleston SC.

Fishing and Hiking – If you love to fish, you will not want to miss out on one of the best ways to spend your weekend. There are many unique experiences to be had at the Historic Charleston Harbor. You can visit the boat docks and spend the day learning about the history of fishing at the historic charleston harbor.

Water sports – You don’t have to stay at a hotel to enjoy a day on the water. There are many great lakes, rivers, and beaches in the SC area. You can visit these places on your weekend to enjoy a day of fun. Beaches and resorts near the cities of Charleston and Hilton Head offer many activities to enjoy during your weekend getaways.

There are so many great things to do in Charleston, South Carolina. If you are looking for a weekend getaway, you will not want to miss out on the different places that you can visit. These popular spots offer couples a variety of things to do to celebrate their special occasion. You can take a day trip on the water, visit the beaches, or enjoy the beaches with a romantic park stay in one of the many romantic parks in Charleston.