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To our concerned and loyal friends of Ace's:
There are many rumors floating around town about the closing of Ace's Live. Ace's has NOT been sold. If it was sold, we would be closed. We have been exploring options of possibly relocating it in Bradenton in the future, but nothing has been decided and certainly not finalized. It is business as usual for all of us and live music lives! As always, thank you for your continued support!

Friday July 10 – Kettle of Fish – 9 pm

KettleOfFishKettle of Fish

$5 Cover

Everyone wants a “Home” band. You know, the kind whose songs you know all the words to, and they’re about what you’re going through, where you grew up, and when you walk into the club they’re up on stage giving you the wink or the wave, because you’re part of the Kettle of Fish family. You’ve been with them from the start, back in 2001 and you’ve been following them ever since.

Their sound was exactly in your groove…some heavy blues combined with high energy Southern Rock n’ Roll. Like putting on your favorite pair of jeans that’s a bit worn in but nothing feels as good as that Kettle of Fish groove. The band writes a lot of their own music, and isn’t that part of the beauty? We can all play other writer’s music but the process with Kettle of Fish starts with a lyric, and spin its way through the other band members, some adding, and some subtracting, till you get that crazy-good final product.

The glue that holds this group together through thick and thin, good times and bad, and just those kind of days you wish you could go back to bed and start all over…well, there’s no one person. Dana said it all when he said, “The co-op called the Kettle is a family, no matter what!”

Click Here to visit the Kettle Of Fish website!

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