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If you own property in Tucson, there is a good chance you have some fencing that needs some TLC if you want to keep it looking its best year after year. The fence is going to need to undergo regular maintenance to keep it looking as nice as the day it was put up. Whether you hire a local fence company in Tucson AZ to do the work or you find a do-it-yourselfer who has the time and equipment, there are some simple steps you can take to ensure the longevity of your fence. Continue reading to learn some of the basic fence maintenance tips homeowners everywhere should be aware of.

fence maintenance
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Chain-link fencing may look like it’s relatively easy to take care of; in fact it is. However, like any other structure, it does need repairing and caring for every once in a while. It is constantly exposed to heavy wind, rain, and even snow, so take some time out to give your fence a bit of TLC. Repairs are easy to make; just pick up a few tools, some old fashioned rope, a hammer, some nails, some cement, and some fertilizer. You’re almost done; all you need to do is cover the fence with the newly applied mixture.

Vinyl fencing is another fence that can benefit from a bit of fence maintenance. Just like wood, vinyl loses its initial color with age, so you will need to apply a thin layer of whitener. After applying the whitener, you simply let it dry for a few hours before covering it with a plastic sheet. Don’t worry, your fence will still look beautiful while it is whitened; it just may need a bit of light brushing to get the initial shine back. In addition, a professional fence maintenance company will be able to apply a clear veneer to any damaged areas to restore its original color.

Fence maintenance is an important job, because it can increase safety and prevent vandalism. No matter where you live, wind and rain can be destructive to your fences. Depending on the material used to build your fence, it may need periodic repair and maintenance to keep it looking attractive. If your fence is vinyl, you should consider getting a sealer to protect it against harsh weather. Vinyl is very durable but sealing it helps to ensure that it doesn’t rot or become damaged by the elements.

The appearance of your fence can affect both your privacy and your security. Depending on your choice, you can paint it, stain it, or have it repainted. Before painting, you should thoroughly clean it, removing all traces of paint that may remain. If you do decide to paint, you should choose a color that will complement the rest of the house and yard. Make sure to choose a low maintenance solution so you don’t have to bother with painting again for many years.

Even if you have a chain link fence, you can still have fence maintenance performed to keep it looking attractive. Brush it regularly to remove unwanted dirt and debris. You may also need to have it repaired at some point. Replacement of panels and slats may be necessary as well as repairing the fence rail. This may require digging, removing the boards or metal fencing, and re-drilling.

A vinyl fence is very resistant to adverse weather, but it does lose its beauty after exposure to sunlight, rain and wind for a long time. To maintain it, you need to apply a special whitening agent once a year. Metal fences will rust over time if left unprotected. To keep it looking attractive, apply vinyl protectant or protector every three to six months to keep it looking great. You may also need to add oil occasionally to help keep the chain link from becoming brittle and breaking. If you live in an area where temperature fluctuations are common, you may want to consider using a weather-resistant coating to help ward off damage from sun, rain and wind.

Fence maintenance is an important process that can prevent your fence from falling into disrepair and safety hazard. It will allow you to maintain your property without worrying about harmful conditions surrounding your property. If you are having problems with your fence, consult with a professional fence maintenance service to get it back in top shape.