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Eden Center, a Vietnamese American hub in Virginia is rapidly growing into an exciting non-Vietnam War zone. The multi-cultural shopping, dining and entertainment complex are becoming a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. Its close proximity to the Eastern Virginia Medical School and George Mason University provides easy access to top colleges in this region. As a result, more non-Vietnamese consumers are enjoying the taste of Vietnamese cuisine at Eden Center.

Recently, Vietnamese American entrepreneurs have taken advantage of the booming non-Vietnamese food market at Eden Center to develop non-Vietnamese influenced food concepts. In fact, one of the hottest destinations within the mall isVA Vietnamese Kitchen, which will open this fall. This all new venue will combine traditional Asian-inspired food with non-Vietnamese-influenced fare. The goal of this project is to combine the best of both worlds to create a one of a kind experience that offers something for everyone.

Eden Center Vietnamese hub in Virginia
Eden Center: Vietnamese Hub in Virginia

In November, we announced plans to develop an additional concept at Eden Center. This second concept will offer an expanded menu of non-Vietnamese influenced food. Our expanded offerings will include Vietnamese-influenced food, American influenced food, Mexican-inspired food and Middle Eastern influenced food. This represents a very exciting opportunity for a growing non-Vietnamese market within the mall. Not only will this help us meet the needs of our current customer base, but it will also help expand the customer base of our other venues and attract new customers as the economy impacts our national economy in a positive way.

When we first announced our plan to expand into additional venues, we had originally planned to have the second location open as a Vietnamese-influenced restaurant. That decision changed when the owners of neighboring Vietnamese fusion restaurant decided to open their own venture in a part of the mall. We decided to remain in our original space and continue to promote our brand at The Eden Center. This helped to strengthen our position in the area as well as give us additional options for attracting new customers. We are now excited to announce plans for an additional venue. This will allow us to not only continue to serve our customers at our four core locations, but also to extend our presence into a larger surrounding neighborhood.

One of the things that make Vietnamese food so unique is the use of fresh vegetables and herbs. In this newer venue, we will be able to take advantage of this unique aspect of Vietnamese cuisine while sharing the food with a broader marketplace. This will enable us to develop a loyal customer base in a surrounding market that includes a large cross section of people who may not necessarily be interested in Vietnamese food. The added flexibility in this new venue will also allow us to serve more lunch and dinner hours than previously planned.

As we begin planning for the next phase of our growth plan, we are also looking at the impact our expanded menu will have on our current customers. We know that a large percentage of our current customers will buy lunch or dinner somewhere else if they do not find the food they are ordering at our restaurant tasty, appealing, and fresh. By expanding our menu into a broader geographic area, we will be able to serve more food to more people. This, in turn, will increase our overall revenue. Customers will come to enjoy the food, not just because it tastes better than what they had before, but because they will see that the market has expanded and they can go out to enjoy it as well.

In the past, if you wanted a nice Vietnamese place to eat, you would have to drive a long way to get there. In this city, we are about 30 minutes from the Washington International Airport and a short walk from the Dulles International Airport. People living here know that they have easy access to some of the best Asian food in the world and many of them actually make a living preparing, cooking, and serving of this food for restaurants and other establishments. That means they understand the quality of the food and the customer service and they are willing to pay a little bit extra to get it. Our new menu will offer even more value because of the size and scope of our new location.

We plan to continue to add menu items as we add more space to our present restaurant. If you live in or around the city of Fairfax, Prince William County, or the area near Washington, D.C., then come join us for some great food, good prices, and a relaxing experience while you witness history being made in this exciting city. You’ll also be a part of a growing trend that is creating positive changes in cities all over the world. More people are choosing to move to cities like Prince William County so that they can enjoy living in an area where food and business coexist in perfect harmony. The only thing holding people back is whether they will take the chance and relocate to a new and vibrant community.