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The Douglas Ebenstein, President Eden Center, Inc. Conventions and Community Trust (C&CCT) is a non-profit organization that promotes civic responsibility through leadership development and community engagement. It has a core charter to bring “social and economic justice” to its members and to actively participate in the communities it serves. They engage in three basic activities: community development, social entrepreneurship, and community investment.

They are actively involved in the community through their social enterprises which they offer to help the needy, offer to local community organizations to support those organizations. The C&CCT also sponsors three arts programs.

Eden Center Inc

Their social enterprises fund the meeting and entertainment expenses of different performers. As a result, they support the local community in providing a venue for concerts and events. In addition, they purchase tickets for the productions to sell and then pocket the profits.

They sponsor a number of arts programs including; music education, performing arts, drama, comedy, singing, and dance. Their intent is to be an anchor of arts in the community. They also organize an annual awards program, which honors the volunteer efforts of volunteers and for those who have helped the organization achieve their vision.

They sponsor several free performances at their theaters, parks, sports arenas, and entertainment venues. They have also contributed funds to the investment of a new theater and to the renovation of their old theater.

They are also committed to provide an opportunity for performing arts for children. They are very active in the community development and arts community efforts. They focus on the partnership among artists, management, community members, and other stakeholders.

The Eden Center, Inc. is also focused on supporting Santana Mall, which serves as the community center and gallery space. In addition, the Eden Center, Inc. is focused on building a community within the Eden Center, Inc. and collaborating with local residents to develop a co-working space and more. They also provide projects and consulting services to the community.

For their corporate community relations and global community outreach efforts, they work with a diversity of corporations that do business within the state of Nevada. They are active in their outreach and are engaged in the community through public speaking, community events, and advisory councils.

The organization strives to be a leading voice for its members, companies, and their communities. The organization works hard to build a sense of community and to empower its members to become proactive.

The Eden Center, Inc. is also a great resource for students, educators, community leaders, and other citizens who are looking for ways to make a difference. Through their community engagement efforts, they hope to create a sense of unity and peace in the community and enhance the quality of life in the county. This ultimately will help to strengthen the economy.

These efforts by the Eden Center, Inc. are constantly reflected in their community development efforts in areas like environmental and economic development, local business initiatives, arts programming, cultural preservation, and community outreach. They are also active in the development of education and employment opportunities.

The Eden Center, Inc. is constantly evolving and developing in order to better serve its member and the community they serve. They are a great example of civic commitment, development, and shared goals that not only benefit the community but those who are connected to it.