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Art school fund raisers are one of the easiest and most lucrative ways to raise money for art supplies. Art school is expensive and, if you’re an art student, you know how much money it can cost in equipment, books and supplies, each semester. And with art supplies costs continuing to rise, there are fewer arts programs to support. So, if you have an art degree yourself, why not start your own art school fundraiser?

A simple way to start an art school fund raiser that’s easy on your budget is selling popcorn at a McDonough Arts fundraiser. The popcorn sale will raise funds for art materials at the same time. Plus, the ticket price for a single McDonough Arts popcorn box is very affordable. Art school fund raisers like this are good ways to build relationships with other art students, faculty and parents. And since the proceeds from a popcorn box are donated to the school, the proceeds are tax-deductible to the benefit of the school. So every time a customer buys a box of McDonough Arts popcorn, a portion of the money goes to the art students, faculty and parents.

Art school fund raisers selling popcorn
Art school fund raisers selling popcorn

Popcorn boxes are available in all shapes, colors and sizes. They are inexpensive to produce, and it’s easy to personalize a popcorn box to sell with school name, logo and slogan. The McDonough Arts website offers hundreds of design ideas, including custom logos and messages. Popcorn boxes are available in different thicknesses to meet different customer needs. Plus, customers can choose from a variety of fun colors, such as bright pink, yellow, light blue, dark green and pastel purple.

The art supplies market is a highly competitive market that features both traditional art sellers and new web vendors. The traditional art sellers are the ones you may be familiar with, such as galleries, museums, craft and stores. Some of them also sell art supplies online through their websites. You can visit these sites to browse and buy art supplies. Some of these websites sell exclusive art by well-known and respected artists.

The art school fundraiser idea is a great way to raise funds for art classes. The traditional way that schools raise funds for art education is by selling art prints of current and emerging artists. Through this method, students learn about art through a medium that they are more familiar with and are often more receptive to. Many students are more receptive to art prints if they see the people who created them in a popular culture.

When you sell McDonough Art popcorn, you introduce your customer to the artist who created it, as well as the art world. Students who support their favorite artist by purchasing artwork are more likely to enjoy and want to purchase other works by that particular artist. Many schools sell limited edition prints of famous pieces that students have not yet had the opportunity to purchase. These limited edition prints often have prices that are much higher than traditional prints, but they can also be worth a lot more in the end.

Popcorn is a popular form of advertising for art schools because it is affordable, fun, and looks good. Many people are excited about the prospect of promoting a popular high school fundraiser event and getting the word out about their school to possible supporters and donors. You can sell different flavors of popcorn by either displaying your popcorn stand in your front yard or setting up a table at an art fair.

Popcorn is not just food; it can also be considered promotional marketing. Many businesses use Popcorn Stand suppliers to create custom stands to display their products. Popcorn is an easy item to sell and something that people will appreciate and enjoy for a long time after you sell it. If you are a member of the school’s art committee, consider selling some popcorn during any fundraising events to raise funds for your art school.