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Most of us wish our appliances would run without a hitch forever. Unfortunately, that’s not possible. Even with the best care and maintenance, all appliances are subject to aging, wear and tear. It’s only reasonable, therefore, to expect occasional defects that you’ll need to address. Some of the common problems your appliance may experience include:

  • The appliance won’t power at all
  • The appliance starts and stops quickly
  • The appliance has electrical  wiring problems
  • The appliance is too noisy or vibrates w running
  • The appliance leaks
  • Lights or displays on the appliance are no longer working

If your appliance is exhibiting the above problems or any other not in the list, you need to take action urgently. A lot of appliance defects tend to worsen very quickly if not attended to. Generally, there are two things you can do. The first is to replace the appliance altogether. Buying a new appliance, unfortunately, can set you back a significant amount of money. The second option is to find a reliable appliance repair technician to fix the problem. You can call us at Fontana Appliance Repair to help you out. We can troubleshoot your appliance and provide a long lasting solution for it.

Why Fontana Appliance Repair?

Because we can guarantee top notch appliance repair service at the shortest time possible. We have a large team of highly qualified technician always on call to address repair issues on short notice. Every member of our team is vastly experienced and EPA certified, so once you trust us with your appliance, you can be sure it’s in the hands of a professional. No matter how big or small the problem is, we’ll comfortably tackle it. But while our passionate for excellent repair service is unrivalled, it is for our commitment to punctuality that we are best known. We always give same-day service, and it won’t cost you a penny extra. Before commencing repairs, we usually assess your appliance thoroughly to determine the best solution for the problem. We also provide an all-inclusive quote for repair expenses upfront. This way, you can be sure there won’t be any surprise expenses. You’ll be happy to know our rates are the best in the region. We usually come prepared with an assortment of top quality replacement parts in case your appliance needs some. As soon as we’ve started working on your appliance, expect it to be working perfectly within no time.

Besides appliance repair, our technicians can also provide top notch maintenance services for a wide array of household and commercial appliances. We can handle all appliance brands in the country.